Daily Brief 10.12.13

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Washington, October 12, 2013 | comments

10/12/13 Daily Brief

House Republicans convened this morning to discuss our continued efforts to move forward as a unified voice speaking out on behalf of a country yearning for unity. House Republicans proposed to the President a viable option that would reopen the government and put Americans back to work. In addition to setting up budget talks and addressing the debt limit, our proposal would replace the arbitrary sequester cuts with entitlement reform. However, because we refused to provide the President with a blank check to fund his bloated government and increase the debt ceiling to an amount of his choosing, the President voiced his opposition and remains on his chosen path of inflicting as much pain as possible on the American people. His chosen path divides our Nation and weakens our Republic.

1393 = # of days since the Senate fulfilled their Constitutional duty and passed a single standalone annual appropriations bill
130 = # of days that Harry Reid has failed our veterans by not fully funding VA
128 = # of days Harry Reid has failed to protect our borders by not funding the Department of Homeland Security
94 = # of days Harry Reid has failed to responsibly fund the Department of Energy, including national security provisions related to our nuclear arsenal
80 = # of days Harry Reid has failed to fund DoD and uphold military readiness
22 = # of days Harry Reid has failed to fund all government operations and put furloughed employees back to work

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