Committee Assignments

House Armed Services Committee
The oversight responsibilities of the Committee on Armed Services are conducted primarily within the context of the committee's consideration of the annual defense authorization bill. This legislation covers the breadth of the operations of the Department of Defense as well as a significant portion of the annual operating budget of the Department of Energy. Nearly 500 billion dollars, the annual national defense budget involves millions of military and civilian personnel, thousands of facilities, and hundreds of agencies, departments, and commands located throughout the world.  
House Committee on Veteran's Affairs
Congress Miller currently serves as Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs.   The VA Committee reviews veterans' programs, examines current laws, and reports bills and amendments to strengthen existing laws concerning veterans and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), such as for health care, disability compensation, GI bill education and job training, home loan guarantees, life insurance policies, and a nationwide system of veterans' cemeteries. 
House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI)
The HPSCI provides policy guidance and sets classified funding levels for the sixteen agencies of the Intelligence Community funded by the National Intelligence Program and the Military Intelligence Program. Recently, the Intelligence Committee has held important hearings on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, U.S. Intelligence Operations against Al Qaeda, and Security Clearance Reform.