Appropriations and Budget

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The size of our national debt is astounding, and its rapid expansion is extremely troubling as it continues to threaten our economy and hamper the ability of businesses to grow.  We cannot risk the future prosperity of our nation by continuing to recklessly spend money and heap trillions of dollars of debt on the backs of our children and grandchildren. 

Our budgetary problems are difficult, but the ultimate answer is simple: a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.  I have had the distinct privilege of representing the people of Florida’s First Congressional District in the House of Representatives since 2001, and during this time I have consistently supported a Balanced Budget Amendment.

A Balanced Budget Amendment would require the federal government to abide by the same basic budgetary principle that guides families throughout the nation and 49 out of 50 state governments: don’t spend more than you take in.  As we have seen, and many have felt, an unbalanced budget with record deficits is a recipe for disaster.  Congress should not force American taxpayers to stomach the consequences of fiscal irresponsibility and the American people should not accept it.

In addition, I support an honest and open appropriations process.  In 2010, House Republicans adopted a ban on all congressional earmarks, and, since taking control of the House of Representatives, we have extended this ban in the 112th Congress.  House Republicans have also ensured that important bills are considered through an open process, allowing members to submit amendments to help curb the size and scope of our government.  I have consistently voted to end unnecessary programs and make cuts across the board, and I will continue to fight for the principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility.   

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